Bringing UAS to America's Skies

Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center

LSUASC headquarters are located at TAMU-CC's Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center (CBBIC), which houses the LSUASC command and control center, electronics testing lab and business-development office. CBBIC is designed and equipped to serve as a magnet for start-up and relocating UAS businesses seeking low-cost, efficient and effective access to LSUASC services and assets. These include but are not limited to TAMU-CC's research strengths and affiliations with government, private-sector and TEES' partner network with a stake in UAS research opportunities.

CBBIC plays a key role in LSUASC technology development and commercialization activities by complementing the Center for Autonomous Vehicles and Sensor Systems (CANVASS) at Texas A&M University's Riverside Campus. CANVASS is designed to address difficult research issues and problems requiring realistic, outdoor laboratory environments from a network of affiliated laboratories and researchers. The figure at left illustrates how interlocking capacities at TAMU-CC, CBBIC, and CANVASS offer an orderly progression from indoor labs to initial test-readiness to full-scale test ranges by efficiently and effectively advancing the development and commercialization of UAS technologies.

Technologies pass through discrete technology readiness levels (TRLs) requiring a broad range of research and development capacities. Synergistic collaboration of CBBIC, CANVASS, and LSUASC moves an idea through nine levels of development to final testing. Horizontal arrows indicate joint-center collaboration; green arrows indicate developmental progress.

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