Bringing UAS to America's Skies

Electronics Lab

The Lone Star UAS Electronics and Systems Integration Laboratory (ESIL) includes the framework and infrastructure for unmanned electronics testing and systems integration. The ESIL supports integration of payloads, electronics or software with air vehicles or the development of specialized electronics or payloads focused on unmanned technologies. The ESIL supports:

  • Integration and testing on UAS, payload or components based on SPEAR™ analysis (situation, precipitating event, action and results)
  • Systems integration using simulation, stimulation and emulation capabilities to allow integration in end-game operational scenarios
  • Integration and operations under a test controller and with the Mission Control Center and mobile command centers
  • Integration of test harnesses, including infrastructure (power, data, cooling), cabling, test connectors and collection points and virtual simulators
  • Electronics checkout and repair offering state-of-the-art user interfaces, electronics and network toolsets

The ESIL interfaces with the integrated data environment (IDE) data security layer for access to site and range data and video backbone for data transfer and storage. The ESIL is ready to support UAS technology developers (UAS, payload or component) from incubation to final assembly integration and testing.

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