Bringing UAS to America's Skies

FAA Research Focal Areas

“Each proposed UAS Test Site will have airspace (range(s)) and associated land and ground infrastructure (combined Test Site) within which UAS research operations will be conducted. In this Volume (III) the FAA will be assessing Test Site proposals relative to safety, impact on NAS efficiency, environmental concerns, and the ability to manage off-nominal (e.g., not normal operations) situations to determine the viability of the Test Site for UAS research goals and UAS opportunities. While preserving opportunities to accommodate unique entrepreneurial efforts, the FAA believes that Test Sites need to include focal areas to ensure that research is accomplished in each of the areas identified as a major obstacle to UAS NAS integration. These focal areas include, but are not limited to: UAS system safety and data gathering; UAS aircraft certification; UAS command and control link issues; UAS control station layout and certification; UAS ground and airborne sense and avoid research; and, any environmental impacts associated with the operation of UAS in the NAS.”

Source: SIR 13R2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Test Site Selection (UASTSS), p. 21

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