Bringing UAS to America's Skies

Gulf Range

A topography map of the range along the Gulf waters (left) and a view of the Gulf from a coastal beach along the Padre Island National Seashore (right)

Gulf Range has been proposed immediately east of Padre Range, entirely over the Gulf of Mexico and within Texas’ 13 miles of offshore waters. It is roughly 41 NM long, sharing a boundary with TAMU-CC Padre and 11 NM at its widest point. Its boundaries enclose 451 NM² of airspace with a maximum proposed altitude of almost 18,000 feet.

Gulf Range is proposed for use by medium to large UAS requiring launch and recovery from Charles R. Johnson Airport located in Laguna Range. CRJ is proposed to be a principal component for chase-plane operations and UAS launch-and-recovery for the contiguous ranges, Padre, Gulf, Laguna and Duval 1 & 2.

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