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Laguna South Range

A topography map of the Laguna South Range (left) and a viewpoint from the RS-16 over Port Mansfield (right) heading towards Laguna South

Laguna South Range lies directly south of Laguna and Gulf Ranges and includes a launch and recovery site at Port Isabel-Cameron County airport in Los Fresnos, Texas. The range extends maritime research and wildlife conservation opportunities as far south as Port Isabel, Texas. It is about 24 nautical miles east-west at its widest point and over 27 nautical miles north-south. This range extension allows coastal mapping and surveying of over 100 NM along the Laguna Madre and Padre Island.

The COA allows for operations from surface to 3,000 ft. AGL in Class E and G airspace. Daisy chaining of visual observers and use of a chase plane are permitted. 

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