Bringing UAS to America's Skies

Laguna Range

A topography map of the Laguna Range (left) and an aerial view along Texas' Laguna Madre (right)

Laguna Range has been proposed to FAA immediately south of Padre Range and includes a launch and recovery site at Charles R. Johnson Airport (CRJ) in Port Mansfield, Texas. The range bridges the Laguna Madre from Padre Island to the mainland of the Texas coast. It is about 17 miles east-west at its widest point and almost seven miles north-south. The topography is broad and flat, from the Gulf of Mexico to the mainland’s brushy scrub, ideal for visual-line-of-sight (VLOS) operational requirements for UAS.

CRJ has been used as a base for chase-plane operations in Padre and is proposed as a UAS launch and recovery site for FAA test-site research.

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