LSUASC Job Openings

You are applying for membership on a winning team: The Lone Star Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence & Innovation (LSUASC). The LSUASC team is focused on innovative solutions for the national purpose of integrating UAS into the national airspace. We also are committed to the business of commercial development of applications that enhance America’s competitiveness in global markets by leveraging UAS technologies. Our mission is also educational as we seek top-flight research programs and personnel to deepen student learning experience that will keep America competitive for decades to come. It’s more than a job. It’s a calling.

Huntington Ingalls Industries is lead systems integrator for LSUASC and hires most center personnel. LSUASC also hires through Texas A&M University. The following links lead to employment sites operated by Huntington Ingalls Industries and TAMU-CC.

Huntington Ingalls Industries

Click here for a list of LSUASC jobs from Huntington Ingalls Industries.