Mission Control Center

The LSUASC Mission Control Center (MCC) is located at TAMU-CC’s Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center. It is responsible for all test site operations and functions as the central data collection facility for LSUASC.

LSUASC is developing the MCC to be the next generation for UAS air-traffic control. Its aircraft-position reporting system will work with the FAA’s NextGen ADS-B and TIS-B systems. This reporting method will provide the same information for UAS that is required by the ADS-B system with no costly hardware upgrades to the UAS.

The center is also the focal point for all tests being conducted by the Texas A&M System and Lone Star test site vendors. The MMC contains all the equipment required for test directors to monitor, control, and conduct operations in order to meet research goals and objectives while maintaining the highest level of safety.

MCC’S integrated data environment (IDE) provides each test team with the capability of transferring data real time with offsite team members and provides a secure data server to store all recorded test data.